Fauxies and Sparklies.

I’ve never met something sparkly I didn’t like. I blame that on my mom’s jewelry box. There I was, an impressionable little girl who found bliss among her shiny treasures. From show-stopper necklaces to wow-oh-wow rings. Shoot, the jewelry box itself! If it could reflect light, it was getting my attention. Not much has changed over the years. Except we call it “bling” today. I like me some bling.
I think becoming a jewelry designer was inevitable for me. But not just any jewelry
designer, a self-taught jewelry designer who made the modern, eclectic stuff I wanted to wear. I am my best client, after all. Because of my allergies and aversion to needles, I focused on faux ear cuffs, and my beaded ear cuff designs had me hooked. I’ve added all kinds of faux body jewelry to my collection, and have temporary tattoos in there now too. So faux-fabulous, if you ask me!
Life at home couldn’t be more inspiring and uplifting. I’m married to my best friend and we have 2 awesome sons and the bestest fur baby in the world. She may be in her senior years, but she’ll always be our baby. The learning never stops and I just love making pieces that make you smile. Comfy to wear. Pretty to look at. Well, hello, faux!
Thank you for stopping by my shop,
Fun Tidbits About Me, Hecmari!
From Puerto Rico and live in Florida
I’m a former flight attendant—trays up, please!
Must. Have. Nutella.
Music feeds my soul
Cliché romance novels are my guilty pleasure (looking at you, Fabio!)
I love to bakebring on the sweets!
If we met, I’d try to make you laugh