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Sterling Silver Faux Lip Ring - Turquoise

Sterling Silver Faux Lip Ring - Turquoise

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Faux beaded lip ring!  Enjoy the look without the commitment of piercings! This faux lip ring is handmade with 22ga wire and glass beads.

This listing is for ONE Lip Ring. Please select your preferred size from the drop-down menu. These lips rings are made to order.

A bit about sizes! 

7mm is great for thin lips ( like mine! That's the size I use.) and for side bites (corner of the lips). For regular-sized lips, an 8mm would work great. 

A 10mm will work great for fuller lips and a 12mm for really thick ones. 

To wear your lip ring, carefully slide it into place and tighten slightly if needed, it should feel snug without being uncomfortable.

Every order is designed and created by hand in an entirely smoke-free environment in my home studio.

Thank you for visiting! 



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